5 reasons not everyone can manage #PlasticFreeJuly
A bag of plastic free vegetables lay on the countertop. Green pepper, apple and more

As we’ve arrived at the other end of #plasticfreejuly it’s a good time to reflect that although it is a fantastic initiative, we have to be mindful that it’s just not accessible to everyone.

Plastic Free July is a movement to try and encourage people to use less or no plastic in the month of July. It’s a fantastic initiative to introduce people to the idea of shedding plastic in their everyday lives and to learn from others further along their eco-living journey.

1. Location

A huge factor in your ability to recycle is your local council. Most don’t recycle all plastics, and many have a confusing list of which different types of plastic can be collected. It’s fantastic if you have a zero-waste or refill store within walking distance – use it! But for many, it’s just not realistic to commit the time and petrol to visit their nearest offering.

2. Facilities

You could take your recycling to a local tip, but that’s assuming you have transport to do so, which isn’t a given. And in any case, taking a drive well out of your way to take a small number of items to the local tip may not be the most carbon-friendly option.

3. Storage

From my personal experience, having sufficient storage to buy items in bulk has been a game-changer in terms of our plastic reduction. Our garage essentially has the contents of a zero waste shop! Is that reasonable or achievable for most people? No.

4. Money

There’s no doubt about it, plastic-free can be expensive. Whether it’s vegetables, make-up or cleaning products, there’s often a premium on eco alternatives. However, you can still find small wins and kickbacks for choosing the eco option.

5. Life

Dietary requirements, not enough time to plan and prepare, work priorities etc. Ultimately life can often get in the way of our green goals. At times like these, it’s important to remember that although as individuals we can make green choices, as long as the cheapest, most accessible products don’t fit into that it’s going to be a struggle.

When it comes to it, being able to prioritise earth-friendly living and purchasing is a privilege, so let’s prioritise trying to do our best. If you’ve got a small win that you achieved during Plastic Free July share it in the comments of my facebook post.